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In the past, Prospero have produced a wide range of software development tools for a variety of platforms, including Windows, DOS &OS/2 operating systems for PCs, as well as other hardware bases. Interest in the older environments has steadily declined, and as some visitors to this site may already know, in 2004 Prospero Software relocated, and following the move there has been a reduction in the range of support that can be provided on older products. Specifically, replacement of machines and depletion of stocks have made it impractical to continue to service the range of DOS products that began in the 1980's and lasted into the 1990's. The support of our customers from that time is appreciated, but it was essential to keep up with external changes, and queries relating to these products can no longer be entertained. For similar reasons, it has also been necessary to phase out support for the DOS and OS/2 versions of Extended Pascal.

More generally, there are still a number of documents and examples that you may wish to download and examine:

* Documents and examples