News & Comment, August 2006 / June 2010

Extended Pascal for Windows

Release 3.2.07 of Extended Pascal, which had been available for some time both as a package on disk and in a form that could be downloaded, was replaced in January by release 3.2.08. This version is available only for downloading. In May 2006 the performance of two of the library routines was improved, and this month (August) two small corrections to the linker have been introduced; similar minor changes may be made, but more generally it is now a widely-used and stable product and major enhancements are not anticipated. In view of this, the action of the Setup (installation) program included in the 3.2.08 downloaded software was modified, and the terms on which the product is made available were revised. The main objective of these changes was to spread appreciation of the Pascal language and in particular of Extended Pascal.

(a) When version 3.2.08 is installed over an earlier version, the software files are updated, and if the validity of the existing licence is less than 3 years it will be extended to 3 years without charge.

(b) When version 3.2.08 is installed on a machine that does not contain an earlier copy, it will be given free 3-year "trial" status. The user can develop conventional Pascal programs that employ standard input and output files, together with all the extra Extended Pascal language features. However, the use of API function calls to generate Windows applications is not available.

(c) An installation as in (b) can be registered with Prospero and the user will receive a key that enables the software to compile API calls and produce Windows applications. To register, use the contact message facility to make your request, including your name, email address, and the serial number of your installation. Currently, there is no charge for registration.

Standard conformance

June 2010: Release 3.2.08 of Extended Pascal for Windows has been tested for conformance to the ISO 7185 (Pascal) Standard. For further details see the Standard Pascal website.

Older products

As some visitors to this site may already know, in 2004 Prospero Software relocated, and following the move there has been a reduction in the range of support that can be provided on older products. Specifically, replacement of machines and depletion of stocks have made it impractical to continue to service the range of DOS products that began in the 1980's and lasted into the 1990's. The support of our customers from that time is appreciated, but it was essential to keep up with external changes, and queries relating to these products can no longer be entertained. For similar reasons, it has also been necessary to phase out support for the OS/2 version of Extended Pascal.