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The Pascal Validation Suite

Prospero Software have a long association with Pascal validation, and were retained by BSI to undertake the maintenance, support and distribution of the Pascal Validation Suite (PVS). The following is a general description of the suite itself and the various associated items which are included.

General Description

The Pascal Validation Suite (PVS) provides implementors and users with a means of assessing in detail the performance of an implementation in relation to the definition of the language in the relevant International Standard, ISO 7185:1990. The current version of the PVS is 5.7, which consists of tests in the following categories:

Class Level 0 Level 1 Total
Conformance 221 16 237
Deviance 266 26 292
Pretest 88 3 91
Error handling 88 3 91
Implementation Defined 13 1 14
Implementation Dependent 25 0 25
Implementation Defined Behaviour 51 2 53
Extension 9 0 9
Grand Total 761 51 812

As can be seen from the table, the PVS is made up of various CLASSES of test, the most important being Conformance and Deviance, which between them make up approximately two thirds of the Suite. Conformance tests are designed to ensure that a processor supports all the required features of the Standard. (The term processor describes a Pascal implementation together with the environment in which it runs, typically an operating system.) Deviance tests are designed to ensure that a processor rejects incorrect constructs, to give a high level of assurance that a program accepted by that processor will be accepted by other conforming processors. The other classes check the extent to which a processor detects execution errors and other aspects of its functionality. Version 5.7 of the PVS comprises well over 22,000 lines of test code

Besides the Validation Suite proper, the issue may include a selection of programs produced by the Pascal Program Generator, which exercise various aspects of an implementation without being related to specific points in the Standard, and some tests of features of Extended Pascal. The latter may be of value to potential implementors or other interested parties.

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