Download version of Extended Pascal

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A full version of Prospero Extended Pascal for 32-bit Windows is available, and can be downloaded by following the link at the bottom of this page. Before you do so, we suggest that you read the summary below, and also the more detailed descriptions contained in the referenced pages.


This version is a fully functional set of software, intended for use on a single PC. It is available only in downloadable form, and is made available without charge to allow existing users to update their software and in general to encourage use of the Pascal language. The download takes the form of a self-extracting EXE file, which when executed unpacks itself into a set of files ready for installation. Loading over an existing installation simply updates the current files, allowing use of the enhancements. Alternatively a new installation can be set up, which can be used immediately to produce conventional Pascal programs, but must be registered before it will generate Windows applications.

Please note that registration is specific to the installation and the software must remain installed if you wish at any stage to register it.

For further details, see Downloading and installing and Windows applications.

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